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Russian Data Breach: What You Should Know

Once again the news is buzzing about a data breach, this time, carried out by a group of Russian hackers. It has been reported that this data breach has claimed to have stolen usernames and passwords from a variety of websites across industries. Click the “Read More” link for best practices to protect yourself.

CURewards Goes Mobile

We’re excited to announce you can now shop on your mobile device for merchandise, travel and more with the points you’ve earned on your Heartland CURewards Visa.

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Announced. What You Need to Know.

A new vulnerability affecting all versions of Internet Explorer since version 6 has been discovered. This vulnerability would allow a hacker to remotely control your computer and gain access to files, email, passwords, etc. Read more on tips to protect yourself.

What You Need to Know About the Heartbleed Bug

The news is buzzing about this security vulnerability in OpenSSL. Please rest assured that Heartland Online Banking is not impacted by this bug. However, other websites you use may be vulnerable.

Heartland Employees Visit Local Business

Heartland employees spent the afternoon talking with Chart employees, in New Prague, MN about their financial needs and the benefits of belonging to a credit union on Wednesday, March 26th.

Reported Phishing Scam: Please Read to Protect Yourself

We have learned of a widespread telephone phishing scam affecting a variety of financial institutions. Members and or Customers are receiving automated phone calls or texts, telling them that their ATM/Debit cards are locked. Please contact us directly if you receive a suspicious call or text like this.

Target Breach: Beware of Website Pop-Ups

As a result of the recent Target Breach it has been reported that pop-ups are appearing on a variety of websites encouraging you to click on a link to request a Free Credit Report or gain more information about the breach. These pop-ups may also ask you for personal financial information – do not click on these links and never supply your financial information.