Heartland Member Awarded MNCU Foundation Scholarship


We are proud to announce Heartland member Abigail TeschendorfName of Lino Lakes, MN has won a $1,000 Scholarship from the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Council (FSC). A total of $20,000 was awarded to 14 credit union members in Minnesota.

Over 800 students from credit unions throughout the state applied for scholarships. Applicants were selected based on school and community involvement. The FSC considered each applicant’s school and community involvement, as well as an essay answering the following question, “What is your best-ever consumer experience? Where was it? What made it so great?”

Scholarships were given away to students in two categories: Traditional and Non-Traditional.

“I am greatly appreciative to Heartland Credit Union for supporting my education with this scholarship. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University and my goal is to someday be in an industry where the work I do every day will help improve the lifestyles of people everywhere. Thank you Heartland for placing me a few steps closer to reaching that goal.”

Congratulations Abigail. We are proud to be supporting you!