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Heartland Participates In 2014 Dozinky Festival


Dožínky® (doe-shink’-key), a Czech Harvest Festival patterned after the “Old Country” original, is held on the third Saturday of September each year in New Prague, MN.

The city’s beautiful Main Street is transformed into an open-air market with vendor booths lining the sidewalks and a beer garden featuring authentic Czech beer. You can sample tasty treats including traditional Czech dishes.

The Dožínky® Festival in the Czech Republic is celebrated annually to give thanks for the bountiful harvest. Similarly, New Prague honors its agricultural roots with the Parade of Farm Pride – which Heartland was a proud participant in.

“This is our second year in the parade and we had a great time meeting members of the community and seeing current Heartland members,” said Kathy Harrington, Heartland President. "We’re excited to be providing New Prague, and surrounding communities, a money-saving alternative to “traditional banking” and we’re already looking forward to the 2015 parade."