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New Logo Announcement

New Heartland CU Logo

This year we reached an exciting milestone of 80 years serving our members. While we reflected back over our history and planned for our future, it was the perfect time to evaluate the Heartland brand.

Established in 1939, as Farmers Union Employees Credit Union, Heartland served the employees of the Farmers Union Central Exchange, their family members and related cooperative associations in St. Paul and South Saint Paul, MN. Today, we have grown to serve eight Minnesota counties, plus the employees and family members of CHS Inc., Land O’Lakes Inc., Chart, Genex Cooperative, Scott Equipment and more. While the demographics of our members have changed over the past 80 years, our commitment to providing exceptional, welcoming service has not.

In late 2018 and early 2019, we conducted member surveys, non-member surveys and an evaluation of our brand in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. We received valuable feedback from members, as well as potential members, about the Heartland brand. We gained consistent feedback from members about their choice to do business with us and why they continue – which lead us to a clear understanding of our brand position in the market. In addition, we learned that the Heartland logo and tagline were widely unknown to not only potential members, but current members as well.

As a result, a new logo and tagline, “Here When You Need Us,” were created. The new logo and tagline embrace the values our members shared with us by illustrating people supporting each other. In addition, the new logo takes the former colors and brightens them to set us apart in the market and gain awareness. The colors portray our energy and passion to serve our members and continue to grow the credit union. Building awareness is key to Heartland’s continued growth and the ability to offer more to our members.

Monday, November 4th will mark the official launch. You will see the website, building signs, applications and more transition to our new logo in the coming months.

We are proud to introduce this exciting update as part of our ongoing commitment to you and the growth of your credit union.