What's New

New Online Banking Visa Site Is Here


We’re pleased to announce we’ve improved the way you access your Heartland Visa® card online. The new site features quick and easy ways to:

  • View payments and transactions
  • Set a payment date
  • View spending by categories – such as; Entertainment, Groceries, Education and more.
  • Download transaction information as a .csv or .xls file (Excel) (Microsoft Money and Quicken downloads will no longer be available.)
  • View Visa® eStatements

The new site also features an updated design and improved navigation to make accessing your credit card information a snap.

How Do I Access the New Site?
Simply login to your Heartland Online Banking account and click on your Visa® account, as you currently do to view your Visa transactions.

The first time you access the site you’ll be asked to register by entering a current email address.

We’re excited to bring you this update. If you have questions or need assistance while registering please contact us.

Call: (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185
Visit: Visit a Heartland Branch