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Online Banking and Internet Explorer Compatibility: What You Need to Know

If you’re using Internet Explorer 11 as your Internet Browser to access Heartland Online Banking you may be experiencing difficulties.

The new IE 11 release has well-documented compatibility issues with major sites across industries – not only Heartland and we want to assure you the Online Banking development team is actively working to resolve the issues. However, there are options to ensure you can still access your Heartland Online Banking at your convenience.

*Options to View Your Online Banking: *
1. Use another Internet Browser. The Online Banking development team has confirmed that Heartland Online Banking is compatible with Internet Explorer 10 or earlier, Google Chrome and Firefox. Chrome and Firefox are free and great alternative browsers. Simply search for Google Chrome or Firefox in your browser to download your free version, if you don’t already have it loaded on the computer you’re using.

2. If you are unable to access a different browser and continue to use Internet Explorer 11 you may also try to switch to “Compatibility View,” which has resolved some of the issues for some users. To do this simply press Alt + X within IE 11 and select “Compatibility View.”

While we continue to work with Microsoft on this issue we recommend using an earlier version of Internet Explorer or another browser to ensure you have access to your online banking.

Thank you for your patience.