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Protect Yourself Against Romance Scams


What is a Romance Scam?

Romance scams target victims, who may be emotionally vulnerable, with companionship and friendship. The goal of the criminal(s) perpetrating the crime is to get the victim to send them funds, which they claim are for a wide range of necessities such as travel, medical care, or a business opportunity.

How does it happen?
The fraudster, who is often located internationally but portrays themselves as American, will contact the victim through social media networks, online forums, or dating sites. After making contact, the fraudster will attempt to develop a deeper relationship with the victim.

View the video below to learn more about Romance Scams and tips to avoid falling victim. As always, contact us if you feel uneasy about a transaction you’re being asked to do or have questions about possible fraud at (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185.