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Reported Phishing Scam: Please Read to Protect Yourself

We have learned of a widespread telephone phishing scam affecting a variety of financial institutions. Members and or Customers are receiving automated phone calls or texts, telling them that their ATM/Debit cards are locked.

The automated message requests recipients to “Press 1” where they are to enter their 16-digit card number into their telephone key pad. Once this is entered, the scammers are then requesting the card’s Personal Identification Number (PIN). The scam artists are attempting to obtain card numbers and PINs in order to gain access to accounts via ATMs or POS (point of sale) purchases.

Please remember, we will never request card, account information or PIN numbers from you over the phone in this manner.

If you receive a suspicious call or text that you suspect is a phishing attempt, please capture as much information as you can, including the phone number from which you received the call or text, and contact us immediately at (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185.

We work hard to protect your financial security and we will continue to monitor this scam report.