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Target Breach: Beware of Website Pop-Ups

As a result of the recent Target Breach it has been reported that pop-ups are appearing on a variety of websites encouraging you to click on a link to request a Free Credit Report or gain more information about the breach. These pop-ups may also ask you for personal financial information – do not click on these links and never supply your financial information.

We at Heartland use the following methods to communicate important news to you and will never use a pop-up message.

  • The “What’s New” section of our website
  • Our quarterly member newsletter
  • Messages sent directly to your Heartland Online Banking inbox

Tips on How to Spot Scams:

While pop-ups are one of the newest scams, you may also receive emails, phone calls, or text messages. Here are a few ways to protect yourself:

  • Check Target’s website: Given the number of scams surrounding the data breach, Target has posted all their official communications at Target.com/paymentcardresponse. Check any emails or texts you receive claiming to be from Target against the official list.
  • Don’t believe what you see. Scammers use technology to make emails and phone calls appear to come from a reputable source. Just because it looks credible does not mean it’s safe.
  • Be wary of unexpected emails that contain links or attachments. As always, do not click on links or open the files in unfamiliar emails.
  • Watch for bad grammar. Typo-filled text messages and emails are usually a dead giveaway that it’s from a scammer, not a corporation.

As always, please call us at (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185 if you have any questions concerning your accounts or communications you receive. We continue to monitor the Target breach 24/7 and will provide updates through the channels listed above.