Merchant Processing Solutions

We’ve partnered with Evolve Systems to offer your business point-of-sale payment processing solutions that deliver all the elements of credit card, debit card and check transaction processing– making one-stop payment processing a reality for your business.

We provide your business with the best technologies and payment processing solutions to make your business more efficient and more profitable.

You Get:

  • High-Speed credit card processing, debit card and check card processing.
  • Gift and Loyalty Card Programs
  • Equipment Options
    - New and Refurbished Terminals
    - POS Systems
    - Inventory Management
    - Touch Screen Applications
    - Wireless Terminals
  • QuickBooks Integrated Credit Card Processing – Cut down on bookkeeping time with a seamless system.
  • Online Virtual Terminals – Perfect for taking phone orders and recurring billing for credit cards and checks.
  • E-Commerce – Payment gateways including Compatible with almost every shopping cart.
  • Mobile Phone Processing – iPhone and Android platform credit card processing applications. Secure, mobile, efficient and cost effective.

At Heartland we’re dedicated to providing you the tools you need to help your business succeed.

Learn More: Contact Evolve at (651) 628-4000.