Direct Deposit

Direct deposit means convenient and often quicker access to your money. You can authorize direct deposit of your payroll, Social Security, retirement, Veteran’s Administration benefits or almost any recurring deposits. We accept direct deposit from any employer, government agency or retirement program. If your employer offers payroll deduction, you can designate a portion of your paycheck to be deposited to your Heartland account or to pay a loan.

With direct deposit, your check is automatically and safely deposited into your Heartland account – saving you a trip to the branch to make a deposit. On payday, your money is right where you need it.

How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit?
Setting up for this convenient, free, and safe way of depositing your paycheck is easy.

  • Direct Deposit Form complete and give to your payroll department or institution issuing your money.

Heartland Routing/Transit Number: 296075535
You can find the numbers you need to set up direct deposit to your Heartland Checking account on your Heartland Check.