Credit Card Alerts

Quickly detect and help stop fraudulent use of your Heartland Credit Card with real-time alerts sent to your phone, email or both – available for both personal and business accounts.

Here’s How it Works
Log into your Heartland Online Banking account, click on your Visa credit card link and select the Member Alerts link. Or, log into your Heartland Mobile Banking app and click on the menu icon.

Then, choose from the following alerts:

  • International Transactions
  • Online Transactions
  • Declined Transactions
  • Transactions Greater Than a Dollar Amount You Choose

Simply choose one or all of the alerts and when the alert is triggered you’ll receive a message. Then, simply contact us or the card services phone number on the back of your card to take action and stop further fraud.

If you have any questions please call (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185.