My Finances

The My Finances tool, also know as a Personal Finance Tool, lets you see all of your financial accounts in one place, with updates to each account every time you log in. It’s easy to track your spending and quickly view your overall financial picture with My Finances inside of Heartland Online Banking. With this tool you can:

  • See your complete financial picture by viewing all of your financial accounts from one location. My Finances securely connects to over 10,000 financial sources from banks and brokerages to credit cards and retirement accounts.
  • Manage your cash flow by seeing the balances and transactions of your financial accounts.
  • Monitor your spending and identify spending habits with automatic transaction categorization.
  • Set savings goals or goals to pay off debt
  • Create a budget to ensure smart money management

My Finances puts money management at your fingertips and your financial goals within reach.

How does it work?

Your Heartland accounts are automatically available to view in the My Finances tool. To add financial accounts outside of Heartland simply link an account by searching for the institution you’d like to add, then enter your information as you would when logging into that financial institution. Rest assured we do not store any of your added financial institutions’ sensitive data or passwords.

Can’t find the institution you’re searching for? While the My Finances tool securely connects to over 10,000 financial sources, there are institutions that do not allow connection. For these accounts you have the option to manually add the account and manually enter the information for the account, from detailed transactions to monthly balance updates.

Is it secure?

While you’ll gain the convenience of seeing all of your accounts in location we want to assure you none of your accounts are actually all in one place. Your accounts are still safely at their respective financial institutions. My Finances simply allows you to monitor them in one convenient location.

Give it a try today
Simply click the “My Finances” tab in Online Banking. For extra help, view any or all of the video tutorials below.

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