Amazon Bonus Points

Use your Heartland Visa Platinum Rewards or Signature credit card on Amazon this holiday season and earn more points!* For each dollar spent you’ll earn 5 points.

Simply use your card at checkout December 1 – January 15 and earn more. Then, use the points you’ve earned to reward yourself with cash back, travel, merchandise and gift card rewards.**

Happy Shopping!

Offer valid on amazon purchases made 12/1/19 – 1/15/2020 and subject to change. To earn 5X points you must make your purchase with a Heartland Visa Platinum Rewards or Signature card. 1 point will be earned per set point earnings on the program, plus a bonus four points to total five points for every dollar spent. Points are not earned on cash advances, balance transfers or convenience checks. * Cash back and gift card rewards earned on Signature cards only.